If you thought that a mirrored shaving cabinet is an unnecessary bathroom accessory, think again!

Not only does it help you keep your clutter hidden but it also works as a multi-purpose mirror for your morning shave or when it comes to makeup time.

In this way, this two-in-one piece of furniture can prove to be the solution to your problems in more ways than one. Continue reading our post to find out why you need one in your bathroom!

mirrored shaving cabinets


Mirrored shaving cabinets are an efficient use of space

If you have limited space in your bathroom, installing a mirrored shaving cabinet helps you use the available space more efficiently.

As we’ve seen, these cabinets free up floor space and store things that would otherwise need to be stored in a freestanding cabinet. By having a wall-mounted shaving cabinet, which is also mirrored, you have easy access to your daily grooming essentials!

You can also take advantage of an unused wall by setting your cabinet against it. This is particularly ideal for small bathrooms.

mirrored shaving cabinets


Store your essentials with ease

As a practical and versatile storage solution, mirrored shaving cabinets are a great addition to almost any bathroom.

They provide you with hidden space to store assorted toiletries and cosmetics, everything from your razor to your face creams. This can add to the look of your bathroom and make it appear clutter-free.

While you can store these items on the top of your bathroom vanity, a mirrored shaving cabinet helps you store these items out of sight but well within reach and provide your bathroom with a clutter-free and elegant finish!

Make a style statement with your mirrored shaving cabinet

While keeping your clutter away, these cabinets can also add to the style or aesthetic appeal of your water closet. Fortunately, you can get these mirrored shaving cabinets in different sizes to suit the space available or the look you’re going for.

They can complement the shower, bathroom fixtures and plumbing accessories. They also never go out of style. Isn’t it great that a mirrored shaving cabinet can serve as a mirror as well as storage space?

mirrored shaving cabinets


Remember these pointers when you’re adding a shaving cabinet to your bathroom

01. If your bathroom is small, hollow out the wall cavity to fit the shaving cabinet in. If it’s fixed to the wall, you run the risk of banging your head against it.

02. If you have a small basin on your sink bench or a small, narrow vanity and you aren’t able to fit the mirrored shaving cabinet into a hollowed-out wall cavity, install a mixer tap with a long reach.

Otherwise, you may end up bumping your head on the cabinet every time you need to use the tap!

03. Consider the height at which the cabinet will be installed so that it’s more accessible.

04. Consider where and how far the cabinet door will swing, when it’s opened, so that it doesn’t collide with anything to cause damage or take up a lot of space.

05. Consider what the reflection of the mirror will be. You can use a trial mirror and hold it up where you want the mirrored shaving cabinet to go so you can study the angles.

You can use the reflection to your benefit and create an illusion of more space and send a great amount of light around the room.

You don’t want the reflection to be an eyesore when you take those bathroom mirror selfies!

06. Since the mirror will be used for shaving, makeup, and grooming, make sure the mirror is placed where it’s well lit, both in terms of natural light and artificial light.

mirrored shaving cabinets


It’s time to reflect – literally!

Having mirrored shaving cabinets are a great addition to any bathroom. They save space, increase storage, and just look beautiful. It really is one of the best investments you can make!

Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or simply want to add some glitz to your bathroom, mirrored shaving cabinets will meet all your needs in style.