Baths that are inset to the tiled wall (built-in) on one or more sides allow a great range of options for mixers and spouts.

The simplest of these options is a mixer-and-spout combination delivering both spout and mixer on the same wall-mounted plate. WHO has ranges of these which coordinate with other bathroom tapware, such as the Damian (square-style), Samantha (round-style), and Elle II (square-style with rounded edges). Exciting options are opened by having a separate wall-mounted mixer and spout.

For something dramatically different in the style stakes, have a look at WHO’s breathtaking wall-mounted waterfall spouts, such as the Cascade, Slide, or Gavel – all by Banff.

There are more regular-style spouts in the coordinated Damian, Samantha, and Elle II ranges, as well as spouts from the famous Pegasi range. There are spouts coming out at a direct angle from the wall, in shorter or longer extensions, and high-arching spouts, as well as several swivelling spout options too. Decide on a mixer-spout combination, or a separate spout with coordinating wall-mounted mixer.

To see any type of bath spout in action, just pop into any WHO showroom for a demonstration.