Finding the right tapware in Gold Coast for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry can be an easy task if you know what to look for. Truth be told, functionality and practicality aside, tapware plays a key role in the overall look of any bathroom, which is why it’s important to have a range of choices for you to select from.

Tapware comes in different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. While some think that choosing the right tapware in Gold Coast is as easy as walking into a store, viewing their range and choosing products you think looks nice, it’s not the best approach to take if you want to avoid going back for an exchange. 

So, how do you find what’s right for you? In this post, we show you how to choose the best tapware in the Gold Coast.

Check the water pressure and the plumbing in your home

The available water pressure in your home is the first thing to consider before shopping for tapware. Certain taps are designed for certain water pressure levels and in the absence of this, these taps will not function properly.

This is why it’s very important to check the plumbing in your home and understand the water pressure in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen before you buy any tapware. You also need to consider the type of water system you have in your house if you’re thinking about fixing mixer taps to supply hot and cold water.

Check whether the plumbing in your home is prepped and set for the taps to be installed. You don’t want to buy a ceiling-mounted shower arm only to find out that you only have a plumbing set for a wall-mounted shower to be installed in your bathroom.

Ensure that the shape and size of tapware fits within the available space 

You need to make sure that the size specifications of the tapware are a correct fit for the corresponding space it’s going to be installed in. For example, if the tap you choose has a lever or handle, make sure that there is adequate space for it to move freely. 

While wall-mounted tapware can help free up bench space, they can be more difficult and expensive to install compared to sink or bench mounts, which are simpler and cheaper. Taps with swivel spouts allow you to redirect water between double bowls or sinks, making cooking and washing easier. 

Also, higher arc spouts make manoeuvring big pots and pans in the kitchen or buckets in the laundry a breeze, and large spouts deliver more water efficiently.

Match the style and design of the tapware with the room

Your taps should tie in with the other design elements of the room you will be installing your new tapware in. 

If the room is minimalistic, sleek and clean designs are a good match. If there are more traditional-style fittings, curves and decorative details are ideal.

Contrary to what you might think, though, it’s not only enough to match the tapware with the other accessories and fixtures in the room. You must think of the longevity of the material and select finishes such as chrome, stainless steel or matte black.

Select a good supplier to buy your tapware in Gold Coast

Even if you consider all that’s mentioned above, it’s important to do your research and select a supplier that has a good track record in tapware in the Gold Coast. Guarantees and good exchange policies are signs of a supplier who is confident about their products.

So, the easiest way to gauge the standard and quality of their products is to inquire if they are backed by any guarantee. Also, inquire about their exchange policy and see if they are willing to replace any product if they don’t function well, and choose tapware that is ergonomically designed with long-lasting material and is aesthetically pleasing.