‘The Block’ Channel 9 – Season 14 Bathroom Reveals – Interiors Trends, Renovation Lessons and How to Achieve the Looks

Channel 9’s smash hit TV show ‘The Block’ returned for 2018 (Season 14), this time with home renovation contestants taking on The Gatwick, a seedy old Art Deco boarding house in beautiful downtown beachside St Kilda. Every year, whatever wins favour from judges and buyers on The Block tends to set the benchmark in style and features for Australian bathroom renovations throughout the year. Hannah, our roving bathroom renovations reporter, tuned-in to report on week two’s main bathroom reveals…

Successful bathroom renovations involve looks and locking down the details. It’s not only about stellar aesthetic concepts, but, considering the functionality of your future bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the renovation lessons and design inspiration The Block dished up on the 2018 bathroom reveal.

You don’t have to be a Blockhead to appreciate the bathroom renovations on this popular Australian home renovation show. The following list is a solid compilation of 2018 bathroom trends and renovation wisdom combined – a must-read for anyone interested in renovating their bathroom!

KEYNOTES: stone, terrazzo, timber, black accents, plants, storage

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary

Norm and Jess, the challenge winners, had a vision for a bathroom as a Zen space. A place to recharge and reinvigorate. Where you can enter, gather your thoughts, then leave with a relaxed mind and slower breath. This shows how they are thinking of the headspace of the person who may eventually live in their space – someone with a busy lifestyle who needs their home to be a sanctuary and a place of retreat.

Here at WHO Bathroom Warehouse we always encourage you to think about your desired headspace and mood when you are creating your designs.

Want to create your own oasis in your bathroom? WHO Bathroom Warehouse has many bathroom fittings to create a calming, minimalist space. See a similarly Zen bathroom design here: https://www.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/minimalist-monochrome-bathroom/

Design with your space in mind

Any renovations you choose should work with the space you have. When you are coming up with plans, you should see your space as something empty to be filled, and not necessarily clutch onto your design wish list. If not, you risk a disconnect between what you think you should have, and what feels right in the room.

Hayden and Sara made the semi-controversial decision to select the penthouse apartment for their bathroom renovations, affecting the design outcome hugely. This sun-filled room has high ceilings and great acoustics, making it ideal for a spacious design.

Here’s an example of a WHO Bathroom renovation that also works the room to perfection. You can use it for inspiration for a similarly spacious and light-filled urban apartment:



Get your Splurge: Save ratios on point

With any bathroom renovation, you should know where it’s worth it to throw down big cash, and when you should hunt for pieces at a lower price.

Carla and Bianca showed the value in splurging on a stand-out feature while saving on more affordable bathroom fittings. Carla and Bianca’s bathroom reveal features a massive slab of marble on their bathroom wall, and more natural stone features in the ceiling paneling.  While marble prices can set you back, it’s possible to work in such features with cost-effective yet elegant bathroom staples like those we offer at WHO Bathroom Warehouse. This simple yet stylish feature invites you to consider similarly timeless bathroom staples for your elegant bathroom.

Courtney and Hans also chose to spend more on their stunning terrazzo tiles. Such statement pieces can be costly, but the advantage is that something standout is usually best complemented by simple bathroom fittings. Both teams really showed how to get their splurge/save ratios just right.

Affordable yet stylish items you can find at WHO Warehouse:


Shop Where You Can Always Get Your Desired Piece

Once thing that really stood out during the bathroom renovations on The Block was Hayden’s indecisiveness while shopping for a bathroom vanity. Hayden and Sara ended up losing their bathroom vanity to Kerry while they ‘umm’-ed and ‘ah’-ed over it for too long (The Block is a competition, folks, not a leisurely DIY project!).

We understand the frustration of this type of experience. That’s why when you shop with WHO Bathroom Warehouse you don’t feel the pressure to compete with other stylish and price-savvy shoppers.

At WHO Bathroom Warehouse, all items are fully stocked all the time. This makes it easy for you to change your mind and keep your renovation flow moving forward.

You can shop a similar bathroom vanity to the one The Block contestants were fighting over here:


Free standing bath

There’s no question that having a freestanding bath makes a dramatic statement. A free-standing bath gives you an island of bliss in any bathroom, as well as a bold eye-catching interiors choice.

Have a look at our selection here: http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/baths/


Smart storage for your space

It’s essential you hit that blend between functionality and style in your bathroom storage.

Nobody wants a cluttered bathroom, yet it’s important to be able to access a whole range of essentials in this space. You can achieve this balance between easy access and style with functional and beautiful storage options.

In The Block bathroom reveal episode, Kerry worked out a great bathroom storage solution.  By extending the bench on her basin, she freed up both space beside the basin, and created a cover for something less than pretty such as a laundry hamper, bin or set of scales.

Cabinets, shelves and drawers for your bathroom at face level allow seamless convenience. There is a certain functionality that comes with having essentials and beautiful objects stored at eye level.

Check out our vanity packages that allow you to seamlessly and elegantly provide the bathroom storage you need: http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/vanity-packages-1/

Circular elements today!

One thing the judges loved were circular elements. Soft rounded edges allow a certain aesthetic. Bathroom basins, free-standing baths, mirrors add great Zen and Feng Shui in circular shapes.

You could go for a fully circular or softened edges theme bathroom element theme, or simply add a few accent pieces. See affordable circular sinks, baths and more here:




If you missed the episode catch it here >> 

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