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Bathrooms with green as an accent colour

Green is a restful colour, bringing freshness and vitality into the bathroom. Use green as an accent colour in tiling or paint, or bring the colour green into the bathroom naturally with some indoor plants. You can also invite more natural green tones into your bathroom by enlarging a window with a green outlook. The outlook from a bathroom window facing a boring-looking side fence, for example, can be made into a real feature by creating a DIY green wall (try lattice and ivy or jasmine) or installing a ready-made hanging garden on this section of the fence.

Green bathroom colour schemesPantone has crowned ‘Greenery‘ as the ‘color of the year’ in 2017. This colour trend could represent a desire to return to nature, or it could be about the calming effect of the shade.

The colour spectrum of green can vary hugely and give you all kinds of different effects. Compare the blue notes in a sea-foam green to the deep emerald of an English countryside.

Green is an accent tone for your bathroom that is more popular than ever thanks to the associations of nature and lush life. Pot plants and succulents are becoming more and more popular in bathroom decor for a good reason – that little splash of green in a bathroom can work wonders for your bathroom ambience.

The colour psychology of green

Green is a colour associated with tranquility and healing. Like the aforementioned ocean and countryside, green can calm the mind and allow creative endeavours to flourish.

There’s a reason the ‘greenroom’ is painted green in the world of film and theatre. Think of the mindset of an actor before they step on the stage – remembering their lines, transporting themselves into their character’s psyche, and battling stage fright to boot. The colour green is super effective at calming the nerves. Add green accented bathroom accessories to reap the benefits of this calm.

Green is also a colour associated with healing and renewal. Just as the new shoots in spring are green, this colour symbolises new life. Fresh cycles and leaving behind what no longer serves you are all thought to be encouraged by green tones. This spring colour gives you the lively feeling of this season as well.

Green is also thought to represent the heart chakra in Indian healing arts. The heart and respiratory system of the chest are what tends to go haywire during times of stress and anxiety, so it makes sense that green is thought to bring serenity and harmony as it balances the heart chakra.

There is a green to suit every taste and preference. You can try an aquamarine green with notes of blue, or a lime green for a fresh and zesty feel. Easily paired with white and silver colours of bathroom accessories, green is sure to be a winning addition to your bathroom’s colour scheme. Shop green bathroom accessories today and see for yourself.