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Bathrooms with blue as an accent colour

Tones of blue are refreshing to use in the bathroom, and never go out of date because they relate to water, an essential element in the bathroom. In colour psychology, blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Blue is not only associated with water and the colour of the sea on a fine day, but it is also the colour of the sky and therefore the wallpaper to daily life on earth. Blue suggests depth and symbolises qualities such as trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, thoughtfulness, faith, truth, and the idea of heaven. Blues can vary from bright cobalt and azure, to spacious light powdery blues, serious navy blues and muted slate blues, and the fashionable derivatives like aqua and turquoise. There is a blue for your bathroom to complement any overall tonal palette used in your home decor.

Blue bathroom colour schemesThere’s a blue for every mood. From refreshing forget-me-not pale shades to the electric intensity of a lapis lazuli, all blues share a calming effect. Clear skies and seas are one of the things we human beings seek out the most, so choosing to colour your bathroom in blue can give you a little slice of peace in your home.

Blue shades have always been a go-to choice for bathroom accents, but the latest interiors trends are seeing a high resurgence of the popular colour. Deep lapis or the softer hazelnut blues are reigning supreme in the latest looks.

Colour Psychology of Blue

Blue is one of the most calming colours around. Think about gazing at clouds floating by on a blue backdrop, or sinking into the sands to watch the sea crash on the shore. Few things can make people unplug from their phones and stare at blue for such a long while. Simply sitting and staring at the colour blue, without the compulsion to multi-task… In today’s world, this kind of pause is no mean feat.

Blue brings such a sense of serenity that it has been shown to slow breathing and heart rate. Yet at the same time, the colour blue can boost concentration and focus. This makes blue a great colour to inspire effective study and work. You get good focus with a side of calm, allowing you to learn and get things done with focus and without panic or stress.

The sense of calm blue brings also helps you to feel secure. Zen shades of blue let you feel ready for whatever life may throw at you, giving inner confidence and self-assurance.

Blue is also related to the so-called ‘Throat Chakra’. Using blue is said to increase communication skills, and assist in finding the right words to say and get your message across. Communication combined with the serene feel of blue also allows you to share without coming on too strong.

Blue is a popular colour for a reason. This primary shade is dependable and enjoyed by all. Sometimes it is considered quite a conservative shade, but why not go with what works and with what keeps you feeling relaxed? Given that we feel automatically calmer in the presence of blue, it’s a safe and beautiful bet for your bathroom interior colour scheme.