The colour green gives new life to your bathroom renovations scheme. Green is the tone of new plants, and flowing waters, and has been proven to have a relaxing effect.

Like the zesty green colour scheme above? Here’s how one WHO Bathroom Warehouse customer was inspired to create this fresh interior look.

Retired schoolteacher Beverly T recently moved from Adelaide to Robina on Queensland’s Gold Coast. While Adelaide has prized coastlines, Beverly loves the rivers of the Gold Coast, particularly the beauty of where the river meets the sea.

“I’ve always been described as a bit of a water baby”, says Beverly.

“The concept I was trying to reflect in this tile feature wall and the green tones was the shape of rivers. The flowing lines look just like an estuary from above. I also think it looks like mermaid tales! I just love the curves of the tiles, and how unique my bathroom is now.”

Beverly’s apartment was a little outdated, so to make it feel like a new home she chose to renovate a few rooms. Thanks to her modern/contemporary interior scheme, her apartment’s main bathroom has made her home feel brand new.

“I also like how the green in this bathroom goes with the glass of the shower recess. The edges of glass have a beautiful teal colour, so my tile feature wall complements them quite nicely, I think. It also matches beautifully with the green tones of the frosted glass in the bathroom vanity.”

Beverly used an Elly semi frameless shower recess with a fixed Damian showerhead to create a seamless shower with full water coverage. The floor-mounted concealed cistern Jeffrey toilet mimics the elegant curved shape of her basin. There is also a clever use of clean lines with the side hinged mirror cabinet and vanity cabinet, which don’t distract from the dreamy green colour scheme.

Best of all, because Beverly chose to go with WHO Bathroom Warehouse, she has built a bathroom with quality assured products. Beverly won’t need to renovate for a while, so can chill out in her green decor bathroom for years to come. WHO Bathroom Warehouse has many bathroom fittings to complement your green interiors scheme.