For bathrooms in day-spa or Bali resort-style, and more…

Black basin bathroom vanity vessel

Beautiful black basin in WHO’s range of organic-look vanity vessels

Striking, distinctive and stylish, wash bowl basins make a great statement piece in your bathroom. Whether you’re renovating, updating or starting from scratch, our textural range of pottery look wash bowl basins are sure to impress and inspire. Their ceramic nature and organic looking textured finishes give them a handcrafted, artisan-made feel.

The variety in our textural range gives rise to images of day-spas, slick city apartments with industrial-fusion themes, or rustic country retreats. So, whether you’re looking for the latest, up-to-the-minute fashion or something more traditional and familiar, you’re sure to find something to suit. Team them with natural timber and stone finishes, or use them in striking contrast to sleek, reflective finishes. Even if you’re on a really tight bathroom renovation budget, for around a couple of hundred dollars you can use one of our pottery look bowls to add a real ‘Wow! factor’ to your bathroom and generate a fabulous talking point for visitors to your home.

If you’re thinking you’d like your bathroom experience to transport you to a relaxing country cottage or rustic mountain cabin then consider our wash bowl basins with Espresso Gloss Finish and Latte Granite Finish. Mix and match with warm, earthy tones to create the feel of a peaceful, rural retreat. Alternatively, use these bowls in a “Bali Resort” themed bathroom to help manifest an atmosphere of Zen serenity.

For modern, big-city sophistication with the flavour of New York, Broadway and Manhattan, our black Ebony Finish wash bowl basin fits the bill. Think clean lines teamed with the crisp black and white to set the stage for your own uptown, bathroom production. Or, by teaming the current “Industrial” look with timber finishes you can achieve another version of this style.

Patterned bathroom vanity basin

Rustic-look basin with gorgeous, cottage-style pattern on the outside.

You’ll discover loads of decorative appeal in our gorgeous wash bowl basin with Blue Floral printed exterior and Black Matt internal surface. The charming floral pattern has the flexibility to suit everything from “Shabby Chic” to “Classic Contemporary”. Plain finishes will help accentuate this stunning design.

The bowls are made from vitreous china. For those who aren’t sure what this means here’s a little science. When an intense amount of heat is applied to powdered glass, the result is a liquid called vitreous enamel that can be used as a coating. Vitreous china is a ceramic material, such as porcelain, that is glazed with this type of enamel. The coating makes the porcelain more glossy, dense and robust.

When purchasing this type of basin it’s important to remember they differ slightly from regular vanity basins. They are not wall-mounted or freestanding so you will need something for the wash bowl basin itself to be placed onto, such as a vanity counter or benchtop. The taps also sit on the outside of the wash bowl basin. You will find WHO Bathroom Warehouse has an excellent range of designer brand vanity units, benchtops and taps that will ideally suit this fashionable type of pottery look basin bowl and all at wholesale prices.

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