Have you ever thought that to wash away your troubles, you need some bubbles in a free-standing bath? If you want to wash away your troubles in style, then this type of bath might just be the thing for you.

Bathtubs have gone from being just a bathroom fixture to being the centrepiece in a bathroom. Now, there are so many beautiful and practical options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one for you.

Read this post to find out whether a free-standing bath is the right choice for you!


What is a free-standing bath?

A free-standing bath is a stand-alone tub, which sits either directly on the floor or mounted on its feet. It has a finished look from all sides and can stand alone without being attached to a wall.

Generally, bathtubs are in-built, meaning that the bath is always attached to the wall; unlike bathtubs from a century ago, which were moveable and was pulled inside a room occasionally by bathers. 

Often, a free-standing bath functions as a piece of furniture in a bathroom, rather than just another bathroom fixture. It does, however, function as any other bath would.


A bath is a must-have for a family!

The decision whether the addition of a bath is a necessity or not is often a debate. Most, preferring a shower over a bath, would opt to include only a shower in their bathroom.

However, if you have a family, one with kids and pets, a bath becomes a necessary fixture that will make bath times an easy and fun task. Even if it’s just you in your home, a nice, relaxing bubble bath makes the perfect end to a long day. 

Also, choosing a free-standing bath over an in-built bath will modernise your bathroom instantaneously and add resale value to your property – useful, if you hope to sell your home in the future. 


You don’t need a lot of space to include one in your bathroom

 A big misconception about baths is that they need ample space. You don’t necessarily have to have oodles of space around your free-standing bath to make it a focal point in your bathroom.

Given the ever-evolving designs and the variety of sizes that come into the market, you can now install a free-standing bath of your choice in your bathroom. You can even fix one along your wall, although the base of the bath will be away from the wall.


What’s your style? Traditional or contemporary?

Your free-standing bath can have either a traditional or contemporary style. That being said, there isn’t a rigid difference between the two, with some pieces even featuring both styles.

If you love a dramatic flourish, however, it’s best to pay close attention to the tub’s intricate details and choose a style that matches the design of your bathroom.

Traditional free-standing baths have a vintage feel and are categorised into slipper baths and rolltop baths.

Slipper baths are those with one end that’s higher than the other, sometimes standing on feet, adding a Victorian, Gothic feel to the bath. Rolltop baths, as the name suggests, has a rolled, lip-like finish as a design feature at the top of the tub and has an equal height on both ends, unlike slipper baths.

Contemporary, free-standing baths feature outstanding curves, smooth lines, and a clean, minimalist design. They also carry unusual designs, adding a more creative edge to your bathroom. The simplicity of the design will also add a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation, reminding you of a luxury hotel or spa!.


When in doubt, take a bath!

A bath can add so much to your bathroom. It can tell a story and add to the design of your bathroom and home. Choosing to install a free-standing bath is also one you can take with ease, regardless of whether you’re building your home or making renovations.

If all else fails, take a bath, in your free-standing bath curated to your tastes and needs.