Go green in your bathroom by opening up to the great outdoors. That’s what one couple from Cedar Creek did, and they couldn’t be happier with the results.

Dan and Shirley M decided to take advantage of the gorgeous Cold Coast Hinterlands views surrounding their property when they did their bathroom renovations. What started out as a vague plan to put in new bathroom vanities soon spurned a whole rethink of the space. Now, this lucky couple can lay back in their bathtub and watch the green and grey gumtree leaves turn golden while the sun sets.

“When we first started our bathroom renovations, we were focusing our efforts on the main bathroom,” says Dan. Dan and Shirley are currently standing in their ensuite. One of the glass panel windows is open, letting in fresh air scented with eucalyptus.

“But the main bathroom faces our carport. Instead, we decided to shift our efforts to the ensuite. We love the land we live on, and we wanted to open up the home more. So we knocked out some walls and installed floor to ceiling glass panels to showcase the beautiful bush around here.”

The couple was originally thinking of renovating the bathroom with Classic/Traditional vanities and fittings.
“We also toyed with a coastal, beach house kind of interior scheme for a while,” says Shirley.

In the end, Dan and Shirley decided on Modern/Contemporary decor for their ensuite renovation. This minimalist style lends itself well to green bathrooms. Sleek and simple tiles and bathroom decor doesn’t distract from the view – in fact, the outlook is vastly enhanced.

Grey and red colours were toyed with as they match the ochre colour scheme of Dan and Shirley’s home, but in the end, black and white were chosen to let the glorious greens outside stand out.

Dan and Shirley used Black Night Glass vanity basins, Elite SD Carly Wall Hung Vanity, and Damian Tapware from WHO Bathroom Warehouse to achieve their look.