In our opinion, bath shower screens are the best replacement for shower curtains. 

They keep your bathroom dry, clean, and hygienic and you never have to worry about the build-up of mildew. What’s even better is that they add a more lavish look and finish to your wash closet, far better than flimsy shower curtains!

A shower is one of the most important instalments in any bathroom and one that, arguably, causes the biggest mess – especially if it’s not cordoned off from dryer areas. If you want to maintain a dry bathroom, therefore, a shower screen is essential to shield the rest of the bathroom from any resulting spray.

However, with so many types and styles to choose from, finding the right bath shower screen can seem daunting. Here’s where we come in. 

What type of shower do you have in your bathroom?

Is your shower placed over the bath or completely separate? If it’s separate, is it in the centre or in a corner? It’s necessary to consider these questions because the type of shower in your bathroom is important when choosing the right shower screen. 

If your shower is over the bath, then you must install your shower screen on the side of the bath, fixed to the wall. It’s a common practice to place a shower curtain to keep water spray inside this space but if your bathroom is a bit tight on space, hanging a shower curtain will create a visual wall, making the room look smaller. 

Shower curtains are also very hard to maintain as they easily acquire mildew.

Instead, opt to install a glass bath shower screen, and if you want some privacy when more than one person is using your bathroom, use a sticker or frosted or tinted glass panels for the bath shower screens. 

For separate showers, you must consider where it’s located before installing shower screens. If it’s set in the centre, it’s crucial to install bath shower screens from all sides through which the shower is open to the bathroom. If it’s set in the corner, then you can either include a sliding or hinged door or a single shower screen panel.

If the shower is in a separate area altogether, depending on the space available, include bath shower screens only if it helps keep your bathroom dry and hygienic. 

How much do you want to spend? 

Depending on your budget, you can decide among three options when selecting a bath shower screen – frameless, semi-frameless, and framed. 

  • Frameless shower screens

Frameless bath shower screens are made from toughened glass and have no metal structural support. The frameless look is achieved with rubber seals placed on the shower screen or door.

Without the frame, these bath shower screens offer a much cleaner and open look. These screens come in a range of sizes and you can choose the best one depending on your bathroom space and your requirements. 

Frameless bath shower screens are a great option for unique spaces as they can easily be customised.

  • Semi-frameless bath shower screens

If you’re interested in achieving a modern look in the bathroom, a semi-frameless shower screen is the best option. It has minimal framing with a partial metal frame, which provides additional structural support, with one edge of the glass exposed. 

  • Framed shower screens

Framed bath shower screens feature glass panels with metal frames to provide structure and support. Most often, the metal frames are made of stainless steel or chrome-plated brass to ensure its longlasting, water-resistant quality. This also allows you to match the metal finish of the frame to other bathroom accessories in your space. 

These are also an ideal choice as they are budget-friendly and can easily be customised to fit the space available.

Choose a bath shower screen that meets all your requirements!

You may be surprised at the finish of your bathroom after the addition of a bath shower screen, so, trust us when we say that installing one in your bathroom is a minor investment you’ll be glad you made. 

Given that bath shower screens are made of glass, it’s important to consider whether the glass is high quality. It’s often a better choice to see if your supplier offers any warranties, so you can be confident that the products you purchase are built to last.