Given the almost endless choices available today, choosing the right bathroom vanity units suppliers can leave anyone in a confused mess. This, however, shouldn’t be the case – after all, when renovating or building your bathroom, looking for a bathroom vanity is easily one of the most exciting parts of the job! 

Whether you’re looking for a durable countertop, extra storage space or something to match your other bathroom accessories, there’s always something that will suit your style, taste and budget. When it comes to buying large pieces of furniture like a bathroom vanity unit, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to dig a little deeper to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Before you commit yourself to a supplier that might have your dream bathroom vanity unit, let’s go through a checklist of things you need to be mindful of.

Choose a bathroom vanity units supplier that meets your needs

If you’re renovating your bathroom, then you must decide whether you’re sticking with the style already set up in your bathroom or are going for a change of style. While the latter may seem challenging, you can easily find a bathroom vanity units supplier that provides a mix-and-match option to select a unit that suits your style.

If you’re still planning your bathroom, you can always start with finding the best vanity unit as it’s one of the central parts of any bathroom. Whether you’re going for a more modern style or a more traditional, classic style, choose a supplier that has what you’re looking for in stock.

There are a few other details you need to go over when choosing the right style for your vanity unit, so it’s best you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want a wall-mounted or free-standing vanity unit?
  • Are the basin and benchtop included in the vanity unit?
  • Do you want your basin integrated or sitting atop the benchtop?
  • How many drawers do you need for storage?
  • What is the choice of colours?
  • Are you looking for a drawer face with or without a handle?
  • Drawers to open sideways or slide forward?
  • Can you add extra side cabinets when needed?

Choose a supplier that best suits your budget

How much you spend on your bathroom project will vary, depending on your personal needs, the value of your property, the style you’re going for, and bathroom space. 

When done well and with proper planning and expertise, a bathroom renovation can be an excellent investment, adding to the value of your home over time. More importantly, it can make a huge difference in terms of how you feel, because the bathroom is usually one of the first and last rooms we access on a daily basis.

Make a list of things you want, whether you’re renovating or building from scratch. Then decide on the elements you need for each of these pieces of bathroom furniture and accessories. 

Before choosing the right bathroom vanity unit supplier, get an estimation of the cost by emailing a few suppliers of your choice to compare and contrast the prices for vanity units they have in-store.

Consider the longevity of the vanity unit

Do your research and choose a supplier that gives you the best guarantee for their products. This reflects the standard and quality of the products they have. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend money and be disappointed in a few months, when your vanity falls apart. 

Also, try your best to visit the store before making your purchase online. Get a feel for the vanity unit you are going to own. Inspecting, feeling and visualising the furniture you are about to make a commitment to will help you make a better decision for your bathroom and your wallet!

Find the bathroom vanity unit of your dreams!

Choosing a bathroom vanity unit should be based not only on what you like aesthetically but also on what will suit the theme of your bathroom, what you can afford, how much storage you need, and how functional it is. 

So save yourself the headache and think about what you need before making a commitment. Choose a bathroom vanity unit that exceeds all your expectations.