When it comes to choosing a new bathroom vanity where do you start? Firstly, an exceptional bathroom renovation deserves and exceptional vanity unit. There are many decisions to be made from layout and style to storage and bench tops. Ideally, your vanity should effectively match function and practicality to décor and finishes. By making a game plan to follow you can achieve all of this without a lot of fuss. To help you make the best choices, WHO Bathroom Warehouse has compiled a list of elements to incorporate into your vanity design plans.

Décor Style

Whether you’re just replacing your current vanity unit or undertaking a complete bathroom renovation it’s a good idea to consider your choice of style and décor. If you’re installing a whole new bathroom think about the characteristics of your entire home. An ultra-modern bathroom in a rustic country bungalow might look somewhat out of place. This leads to matching your vanity to your bathroom’s appearance. For example, a woodgrain finish vanity will go well with rustic-country or coastal while a sleek white vanity will add some pizazz to a modern design or scandi look. The same approach applies when you’re only replacing your current vanity. Make sure it flows seamlessly into the styling of your present bathroom.

Wall Hung or Free Standing?

Both have their individual features and purpose. A favourable aspect of a wall hung vanity is its ability to make a bathroom appear larger. When more floor area is visible the illusion of extra space is created which is particularly ideal for smaller bathrooms. However, pay attention to the gap between the vanity and the floor. If it’s too snug it will quickly become a home for dust bunnies. Make sure the gap allows ease of cleaning. When height is important a wall hung vanity is a great solution as it can be mounted to accommodate either short or tall users. Floating vanities also allow space for a toddler’s step-stool, seating for an elderly person, or a wheelchair. As for décor, wall mounted vanities have a sleek, modern look that is highly suitable for contemporary designs.

A free-standing vanity is a classic style which has been a popular choice for many years. It works well with a variety of bathroom designs due to its timeless appeal. If storage is a premium concern, free-standing vanities are a smart option. They offer plenty of space for all your bathroom essentials. Products can easily be stored out of sight, leaving lots of uncluttered bench top area. As this type of vanity is mounted to the floor, cleaning time is reduced as there is no need to scrub underneath it. Free-standing vanities are designed to hide away plumbing. You don’t have to worry about pipe appearance and everything looks tidier. Browse WHO’s exclusive designer range at http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/vanities/

Size & Layout

One of the best ways to tackle the size and layout of your vanity unit is to create a floorplan of your bathroom. Measure the walls, doorways, and windows. Include the shower, bath, toilet, any cupboards, and other fixed features. The aim is to ensure there is enough space for your chosen vanity. Doors and drawers should open easily with enough room to walk past them. Try to avoid narrow gaps so cleaning is easier.

Once you know how much space you have for your vanity you can then concentrate on size. Do you want double basins and is there enough room? How many shelves and drawers do you prefer? Which is better suited to your lifestyle, a single or double vanity? Perhaps a galley layout would fit the bill with two vanity units separated by a pass-through. The list could go on but we’re sure you get the idea. Basically, when it comes to size think about storage, how the vanity is used, and how many people it needs to accommodate. WHO Bathroom Warehouse has a free bathroom planner to help you with layout and vanity positioning. Register and receive the Bathroom Builder download at https://www.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/bathroomplanner.html


It’s not just about how much storage you need from your bathroom vanity but also how you want to store accessories and products. Do you want everything hidden away? Perhaps you like everyday bathroom items within easy reach on the bench top? Are shelves above the vanity a possibility? Do you want drawer dividers to keep makeup or grooming products neat and tidy? If you’re restricted to a smaller vanity unit, don’t forget a wall mounted mirrored cabinet will provide extra storage space. Take a look at WHO’s exclusive ‘Hannaford’ range at http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/mirror-cabinets/

Type of Wash Basin

A major decision to make is the type of vanity basin. Will it be built-in, semi-recessed, under mount, or bench top mounted? Are you leaning towards a classic look, organic shape, or something minimalist? When it comes to function, a built-in or semi-recessed basin might be easier for children to use rather than a benchtop wash bowl. If this is not an issue, a benchtop bowl can add a sculptural element to the vanity unit while it’s curved shape will soften straight lines and hard edges. These days, vanity basins come in a vast array of shapes and styles which can make choosing the right one a little overwhelming. Solve any dilemma by basing your decision on vanity style, interior design, and who will be using the basin. Check out WHO’s fantastic designer selection at http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/basins-1/

Bench Top & Finishes

When choosing the finish for your vanity you will also have to consider the bench top. Both need to blend seamlessly together otherwise your dream bathroom will be shattered by a vanity nightmare. The benchtop finish should also suit your lifestyle. For example, a bench top that doesn’t show marks easily will be a better option for messy users. WHO has a beautiful range of designer quartz stone bench tops that will accommodate most bathroom habits. You’ll find them at http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/benchtops/

The finish of cabinets and drawers should flow with your bathroom’s décor style. However, it should also be practical. If you have small children and don’t have time for endless cleaning avoid anything that clearly reveals little handprints. Whatever the style or requirement, you’re sure to find the right finish amongst WHO’s exclusive selection such as white gloss, titanium, stone monument, ebony, and a wide variety of textural woodgrains. For a visual reference of these finishes explore WHO’s impressive vanity cabinets at http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/vanity-cabinets/


Don’t forget to include fixtures when planning your new bathroom vanity. Otherwise, they could become an incompatible afterthought. Think about elements such as tapware, mirrors, handles, and wall mounted shelves. Consider both practicality and aesthetics. Overall, you want everything to enhance your vanity and create a stunning design statement. WHO is ready to help with an exclusive range of designer tapware. Go to http://store.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/tapware/


By paying attention to detail and incorporating all these points into your bathroom vanity designs plans you should achieve a successful outcome. Your new vanity will be a beautiful and welcome addition to your bathroom.

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