If you are giving your bathroom a makeover, go easy on yourself and choose chrome bathroom accessories. 

Chrome is a type of metal that gives off a slight blue sheen, providing a more sophisticated and cool look to your bathroom, and one that’s durable and non-corrosive as well.

Since bathrooms occupy a small space when compared to other rooms in your home, it can be challenging to choose the right chrome bathroom accessories. This is not only because you may be short on space but also because of the long list of necessities that need to go in there! 

Why choose chrome bathroom accessories?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that chrome plating is long-lasting. It’s also true that chrome is easy to clean and goes with pretty much any colour scheme. Bathrooms painted in cooler colours like white and deep grey may even benefit from the blue tone of chrome bathroom accessories.

It’s also a great choice because it’s much easier to find a variety of accessories with matching chrome finishes compared to any other type of finish. If you’re stuck with a limited budget, you will find that these accessories make a comfortable fit. 

For homeowners looking to add a touch of sophistication, chrome may be the perfect choice.

Chrome towel rails are a must-have

Towel rails, either single rails or double rails, are a must-have bathroom accessory. I mean, you simply can’t carry your towel while you shower, can you?

Towel rails also function as a drying rack – you can use it to keep your wet towel drying overnight!

At WHO bathroom warehouse, we have both single towel rails and double towel rails in chrome. You can decide which works best for you, especially after considering how many people use your bathroom and how many towels you might need to dry.

Robe hooks are the next best thing 

Most people prefer to add robe hooks in their bathrooms for greater convenience, mostly to keep bathrobes and extra towels off the floor. 

A bathroom is like a changing room. You go in there with your clothes on and might even exit with a change of clothes. If you don’t have plenty of chrome robe hooks in your bathroom, you will find yourself running between rooms in your towel or bathrobe!

A shiny, chrome toilet roll holder is the perfect commode companion

People always overlook this accessory, thinking that the toilet paper roll will hide the holder but more often than not, it’s always mismatched with the style and design of other bathroom accessories. 

Always coordinate the style and look of the toilet roll holder with the towel rail and other chrome bathroom accessories. Given the abundance of toilet roll holder styles available, you can now choose from different designs that complement the style of your bathroom.

A soap tray in chrome is a sophisticated accessory

If you use bar soap in the shower, a fitted chrome soap tray is better than a mobile soap dispenser that might not stay put or will look messy in your otherwise pristine bathroom. 

Soap trays tend to get slippery when wet and can eventually corrode. Given that chrome is non-corrosive, it’s a no-brainer that you should install a chrome soap tray in your bathroom!

Add a shower or glass shelf to keep clutter away

A matching chrome shower shelf or a chrome-added glass shelf is essential when it comes to storing hair and other cosmetic products you need easy access to in the shower. 

If you install a shower or glass shelf, you won’t need to keep your products on the floor or wet the bathroom floor near your vanity by trying to reach for the products you need!

Plan ahead and decide on all your chrome bathroom accessories

If you want a truly glamorous bathroom, simply deciding on the colour of your bathroom accessories isn’t enough. There are different designs, looks, and shapes to every bathroom accessory.   

You must also think carefully about functionality and make sure you’re only accessorising your bathroom with what you need – anything else is clutter. Oh and don’t forget to use chrome bathroom accessories!