Contemporary bathroom designs will typically feature an open wet room, rather than the traditional shower shower recess or cubicle.

Wet rooms must be carefully planned, however. Poor design or faulty floor leveling and tiling could result in the pooling of water on the bathroom floor. It is imperative for people to be able to access the vanity area and toilet, straight after someone has had a shower, without having to contend with excess water on the floor. It doesn’t matter if the wet room also incorporates the freestanding bath tub, as in the example above, and this is a very popular option because it saves on space. It also creates two separate zones in the bathroom – the wet area, and dry area – for a very efficient and serviceable bathroom layout.

Frameless shower screens Gold CoastFrameless shower screens are actually ‘semi-frameless’, in that some minimalist framing is required to give the shower screen stability, and to allow for any hinging needed in a small bathroom design.

Even when the shower wet room area is fully enclosed by a shower screen with hinged door, modern semi-frameless shower screens can still give a very transparent look (see example right) and stable fittings that are very easy to clean.

Wet rooms with views of the great outdoors

When bathrooms are being renovated in a freestanding (non-strata) home, there are many possibilities for bringing a sense of the ‘great outdoors’ into the bathroom.

Some people are lucky enough to have full-length windows in their bathroom, to allow for the spectacular views and open-air feeling as demonstrated by the contemporary bathroom design examples on this page. Even when a wide-open view is not really an option for privacy reasons, there are alternatives that can produce the same kind of result without compromising privacy. For example, the bathroom can be opened onto a small internal walled courtyard, or the expanse of window can be frosted up to shoulder height, allowing for privacy on the outside but views available inside when standing in the shower.

Frameless shower screens Gold Coast

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