For a separate bath to be surrounded by horizontally-placed tiles, a drop-in bath is the right choice for very smooth and elegant edges. Whereas built-in baths are tucked under the tiled wall edges, the entire outer lip of a drop-in bath sits on top of the tiled area surrounding it. It only takes a few centimetres of tiled surround for a drop-in bath, and where space allows, the drop-in bath can be set on top of a broader tiled platform. Wider tiled areas around the drop-in bath are great for sitting, keeping loofahs, bath gel and bath toys within easy reach, and also for staging designer accents (like a stunning candelabra!).

If you’re considering a drop-in bath for your bathroom, make sure the floor waste is located nearby because any bath overflow will run over the edge of the bath. For safety and convenience you’ll need to minimise the potential for wetness anywhere on the bathroom floor, and you might also want to add a tiled step if your built-in bath platform is fairly high above the tiled floor level. Remember that WHO consultants are experts in bath water management and overall bathroom safety, and they’re trained to assist you with planning.