Built-in baths are probably the most common type used in bathroom renovation projects. You’ll need a built-in bath if the wall tiles will come down over the edge of your bath on one or more sides. The bath is slightly cut-into the wall-space, and a raised lip around the outer edge of the bath helps prevent any excess water from seeping into the wall cavity. Built-in baths are recommended when there is a shower over the bath, as the raised edge around all sides of this type of bath can assist with the containment of shower spray, along with a bath screen or simple shower curtain. WHO has an exclusive range of beautiful, designer built-in baths in a variety configurations, lengths, widths, and depths, starting at just $200-$300, meaning that trying to recycle an old bath by respraying it could be another false economy.

Refer to your bathroom space-plan and think about which built-in bath configuration would work best for your bathroom. For a separate bath, you can have the raised tile-edge at the back and on either right or left sides, leaving a smooth, clean-looking lip on the facing sides. If your bath will have walls on three sides, or there will be a shower over the top of the bath, choose a bath with raised edges on all sides so that any excess water or shower spray on any side will flow straight back into the bath.

The desire for freestanding baths encouraged WHO to develop new built-in designs which can be set into walls as needed, but then there’s no need to tile on the facing sides because the bath is elegantly finished from the lip right down to the floor. In other words, your new built-in bath from WHO can look just like a freestanding bath on two sides! Although a little more of an investment than a typical built–in bath, this is offset by savings on tiling for a designer look that’s also cost-effective. Finished-side built-in baths are also easier for DIY renovators to manage because there is no need to build small tiled walls around the open sides to enclose and support the bath. If you’re not familiar with this new style of built-in bath, drop into any WHO store and you’ll be surprised and delighted.