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Bathroom finishes – ideas and examples by WHO

Bathroom finishes can add colour, texture, and style to your bathroom renovation project. Choose from featured bathroom finishes such as granite, marble, Quartz Stone, feature tiling, wainscoting, and wallpaper. What do your bathroom finishes say about you? Choose granite for a sense of permanence, marble for luxury, Quartz Stone for practical modernity, feature tiling to add splashes of colour or contrasting texture, wainscoting for old-style warmth and homeliness, wallpaper for class and glamour.

Feature Tiling
Quartz Stone
Wood / Wenge

4 reasons why a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity is here to stay

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The Hamptons are synonymous with an elite sense of charm, class, and elegance. It’s no surprise, therefore, that even in countries as far as Australia, a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity and other washroom furniture of [...]

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Hamptons-style still popular on “House Rules”. WHO looks at this design and Coastal-style.

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A recent episode of TV’s popular “House Rules” show revealed the “Hamptons” style is still relevant and in vogue. In fact, “Hamptons” and “Coastal” design modes have been eagerly embraced by Australian households. Both styles [...]

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Hot bathroom design trends for 2018

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So what’s hot, new and still fashionable in bathroom design trends for 2017. Home Renovations Shows are still very popular. Programs such as ‘The Block’, ‘House Rules’ and ‘Selling Houses Australia’ offer plenty of inspiration [...]

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Minimalist monochrome bathroom. Now and Zen.

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Zen is the total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Such is the feeling within this perfectly balanced, luxury ensuite bathroom. The monochromatic colour palette (black, charcoal, grey, white) creates calming harmony, [...]

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More about bathroom finishes

Are marble bathrooms still fashionable?

Marble bathrooms have been around since ancient Roman times, and as a true classic, they are never out of date. Many of the world’s most glamorous hotels feature marble bathrooms as a statement of class and style. Today’s marble tiles and composite-marble bathroom finishes are not just beautiful-looking but cost-effective. Marble comes in a great range of colours and patterns, from muted neutrals to bold grains and colour combinations. For a touch of marble on a tight budget, try using marble for feature tiling. A vertical or horizontal band of marble mosaic tiles, combined with plain white tiles, can look really great. You can coordinate the choice of marble for your new bathroom with any marble you might have used elsewhere in your home, such as in the kitchen, or on a mantelpiece.

Can I use timber in the bathroom?

Timber is returning to popularity as a bathroom finish or feature material, particularly in contemporary style bathrooms with an emphasis on natural finishes. Wood should not be used where moisture is persistent. Any natural timber finishes should be properly sealed. Painted timber surfaces such as wainscoting should be coated in an oil-based paint for moisture-proofing and durability. Modern urban-style bathrooms often feature timber or timber-look laminates with a wenge finish. Wood can add warmth and texture, and a more homely feel, to any bathroom renovation project. Timber is a major feature material used in Hamptons-style bathroom designs. Timber floorboards in the bathroom can look beautiful but might be problematic over time. The new breed of floor tiles made to look like timber floorboards would be a more practical choice for timber-look flooring.