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Purpose and practicality2018-08-15T10:15:57+10:00

Think about who is going to use the new bathroom, and how they will use it.

Whatever the size of your bathroom renovation project, the biggest decisions will start falling into place when priorities are clear as to how much ‘form’ is important, compared to ‘function’.

Some bathroom redesigns are strongly based on emotions, like when we fall in love with the style of a particular bathroom we’ve seen on TV or in an interior design magazine.

Minimalism is a strong design trend in bathrooms right now. Yet, in practical terms, a single basin mounted on a sleek benchtop – with no cabinet or drawers underneath – cannot satisfy real-world bathroom storage needs. A stunning-looking bathroom that isn’t totally practical in everyday terms is an example of ‘form’, or emotional decision-making, gaining too much sway over ‘function’ and common-sense.

The trick is to find the perfect balance between form and function, so that your new bathroom looks beautiful and expresses your style, and also works very well for all users over many, many years.

Bathroom renovation as a long-term investment.

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