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Planning your bathroom renovation2018-08-15T10:15:57+10:00

The first step towards a brilliant bathroom make-over is careful planning. Start here.

Renovating an existing bathroom usually means redecorating or re-planning the bathroom within the same overall space as the original. That’s just fine because with better space-planning and modern space-saving ideas, your bathroom can look and feel more spacious than ever before.

An idea that’s becoming more popular in recent years is ‘stealing’ some space from another room – such as a little-used bedroom or corridor – to create an ensuite and perhaps a dressing room, or to make a much larger main bathroom. Building an extension might even be an option (but remember, for any structural changes, you’ll probably need to apply for local council building approval).

In apartments and smaller homes such as terraces, combining the laundry and bathroom is often a great way to save space, and can provide internal laundry facilities where none existed before.

Renovating your bathroom is a significant investment and a wise one with clever space planning. We look at each scenario so you can get some guidance and ideas for what will work best.

Inviting the great outdoors into your bathroom.

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