Art Deco has recently been a hot topic among a number of home renovation shows. However, defining this style and creating an Art Deco Bathroom has caused quite a bit of confusion amongst contestants on TV shows like Channel 9’s “The Block”. Let’s take a quick look at the style and how it can be used to create a modern day version of an Art Deco Bathroom.

The Art Deco era is usually recognised as a period of time between 1925 until 1940. As a design style, it drew some inspiration from past art movements but was heavily influenced by industrialization and the excitement of advances in modern technology. The Art Deco style was characterised by clean lines, geometric patterns, strong angular shapes, streamlined forms and bold accent colours. As a luxury or luxe style it utilised expensive materials like silver, gold, crystal, ivory, jade, lacquer, marble and stained glass. Brass was also popular. After the Depression it also used more affordable materials like chrome, plastics, steel, aluminium and stainless glass.

It’s also important to note, the Art Deco style often incorporated various cultural aspects as it moved from city to city and country to country. For example, the Art Deco of New York city typically evokes a sense of sophistication and luxury while the Art Deco of coastal Miami has a more casual and relaxed feel.

So how does all of this translate into a modern day Art Deco Bathroom? The first thing to remember is to use clean lines, geometric patterns, strong angular shapes and streamlined fittings. This will go a long way in creating an Art Deco feel, whether you’re seeking a sophisticated luxe look or a style that is slightly more casual or coastal.

The next thing for your Art Deco Bathroom is colour. Black was very popular during this period and its use really helps to create an Art Deco feel particularly when teamed with white. Other colours should be bright and vivid. These colours should stand out against each other rather than blend into one another. For sophisticated, luxe Art Deco reminiscent of New York, lean towards black, white, grey, silver and gold. If you’re a bit more adventurous a splash of red or deep yellow will add a dramatic touch. For a more casual look that evokes the Art Deco of Miami, consider bright candy colours. Black isn’t necessary but a few touches will make this look seem more Art Deco.

Who Bathroom Warehouse has a variety of fittings and accessories that suit Art Deco Bathroom ideas. Some suggestions are: Taps and Shower fittings – “Damian”, “Elle”, “Katherine”, “Kylie” and “Luke”. Bathtubs – “Beaumaris”, “Hampshire”, “Malvern” and “Leicester HS”. Toilets – “Jeffrey”, “Nash”, “Siren”, “Statters” and “Tregear”. Benchtop Vanity Basins – “WB 502”, “WB 509”, “WB 510”, “WB 514” and “WB 545”. Vanity Packages – “Elite”. Vanity Benchtops – “Black Star”, “Crushed Ice”, “Dover White” and “Linen”. Shower Screens – All styles will suit very well.

By using this information and delving into a little extra research, an Art Deco Bathroom is very achievable. You can either go completely traditional or put your own slant on this look by simply incorporating a few of the basics from this fabulous era.