It’s a universally accepted truth that not all toilet roll holders are the same. 

You, yourself, have probably experienced at least one instance when a toilet roll holder didn’t live up to its potential. How many times have you encountered a toilet roll that fell with just one firm tug or fell out of the wall in the middle of your private time? 

Toilet roll holders are one of those bathroom accessories that people often overlook. After all, most of its design gets covered once you place the toilet roll on it and all you think about, when you buy one, is buying the cheapest model available. 

In this post, we’re going to change your mind about toilet roll holders. Continue reading to find out the perfect model for your royalty-inspired bathroom!

1. Wall-mounted, Victorian-design toilet roll holders 

These toilet roll holders capture the elegance of traditional Victorian decor with their style and pattern made from cast iron that extends upwards. This pattern is wall-mounted, so it contrasts with wall paint to make a statement.

If you truly want to capture Gothic art form in your bathroom, then this is one accessory you shouldn’t miss out on. 

To make maximum use of this design, place your toilet roll holder in a visible area on the wall. Also, try to match the other details in your bathroom to the pattern on the toilet roll holder to elevate its Victorian aesthetic.

2. Wall-mounted, lion-medallion toilet roll holders

These toilet roll holders, which come in the shape of a lion medallion, are a beautiful addition to any house. They help you make a ‘power’ statement that’s sure to impress your guests. You can even use this as a hand towel ring, although you might have to squeeze the towel into the holder. 

If you’re not worried about having your toilet roll holder demand all the attention in your bathroom, this will be the perfect fixture for you. 

3. Knight statue toilet roll holder

Given the wide range of bathroom accessories available, is it really any surprise that there are even wall-mounted, knight statue toilet roll holders? 

Destined to make you feel like royalty, these toilet roll holders are perfect if you have an epic sense of humour and want to add some personality to your wash closet. Make your bathroom a true kingdom with medieval-inspired bathroom accessories like this!

4. Wooden toilet roll holders that come with a shelf

Wooden wall-mounted toilet roll holders that come with a shelf are ideal if you’re someone who loves to maximise utility. It’s also great if you’re looking to infuse a more modern interpretation of royalty in your bathroom, with its intricate detailing and effortless elegance.

By placing a couple of scented candles on this shelf along with a bottle of perfume, add a luxurious element to an otherwise boring bathroom fixture!

5. Toilet roll holders in black matte

To add another, more modern sense of royalty to your bathroom, invest in toilet roll holders made from stainless steel in a matte black finish.

While matte black bathroom accessories may not be the first things that comes to mind when you think royalty, they’re really beginning to make their mark in the bathroom accessories market. 

An accent wall with a toilet roll holder with this finish will be a perfect way to make a bold statement. If you go for one with an ultra-modern square design, it also lends your bathroom a stylishly practical flourish!

Feel like a king or a queen when you’re doing your business 

Did we manage to change your mind about buying that boring toilet roll holder?

By splurging on one of these stylish toilet roll holders and making your bathroom look like it belongs in a palace, your water closet is guaranteed to be your favourite room in the house. Mix and match your designs with other bathroom accessories and give your bathroom a royal flush. 

Feel like royalty while you sit on that bowl, reaching for the best toilet roll holder you never knew you needed.