The Hamptons are synonymous with an elite sense of charm, class, and elegance. It’s no surprise, therefore, that even in countries as far as Australia, a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity and other washroom furniture of this nature are such a major trend.

An aesthetic dominated by white furniture with subtle and elegant furnishing, these statement pieces lend bathrooms a character that’s hard to miss. They’re also tied to the overarching trend where we’re beginning to see our bathrooms beyond the utilities they offer.

In our post, we take a look at 4 reasons why a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity is here to stay and why you should consider one for your home!

They’re classy but can be bought for a fraction of the cost spent on a Hamptons holiday

One of the best things about this kind of bathroom vanity is that it can immediately transport you to the Hamptons – minus the considerable dent in your wallet you’d feel after a weekend in this idyllic part of New York, of course.

A statement piece for your home, a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity may even make an elegant fit in your bedroom or guestroom if needed. Regardless of where it is, you can achieve instant elite status with just one piece of furniture.

The cost of these beauties can vary. At WHO Bathroom Warehouse, you can find stunning pieces for less than $800 – a great price for a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity that looks like it belongs in plush lifestyle catalogues.

They’re not all show; these vanities are surprisingly useful

Apart from being a great statement piece, these vanities aren’t just decoration – they can also store all your bathroom supplies, reducing clutter and really helping you maintain the Hamptons vibe in your water closet.

Whether it’s used for storing your towels, toiletries or linen, you will find your Hamptons-style bathroom vanity surprisingly useful for such a beautiful piece of furniture, provided you choose pieces that are as spacious and sturdy as they are great to look at.

Our favourite part of these vanities is the fact that even though they look showy, they really justify their price in terms of how much they hold and how long they last. We can’t get enough!

Hamptons-style vanities are both trendy and timeless – they never get old

Unlike most other furniture trends, minimalist designs, much like a Hamptons-style bathroom vanity, never go out of style.

Leaving aside the fact that minimalistic and modern furniture is a huge trend at the moment, by buying homeware of this style, you ensure that your home and design aesthetic never go out of style. So really, they’re a long-term investment for your home, both in terms of style and utility.

That being said, you must choose pieces from the right bathroom furniture vendors with a proven track record for high-quality bathroom vanities. Especially if you’re shopping for these items online, make sure you enquire about the quality and durability of products before you click the ‘buy now’ button.

There’s a surprising variety of these types of bathroom vanities

If you thought Hamptons-style bathroom vanities were a niche item with limited variety, you couldn’t be more wrong!

These pieces of furniture enjoy many variations, including single and multiple-drawer models. Some even come with bare countertops that feature mirrors or sinks and some can even be hung on your wall, giving your bathroom a modern and clean feel to it.

Depending on what you need for your bathroom, you can find the perfect vanity that meets very real needs, all while remaining a stylish element of your modern home.

Choose a high-end Hamptons-style bathroom vanity and bring your Hamptons vacation to life

A Hamptons-style bathroom vanity can transform how you feel about your bathroom, which is easily one of the most important rooms in your house.

At WHO Bathroom Warehouse, we’re in the business of supplying some of the most stunning vanities in the market. Take a look for yourself and envision one our statement pieces in your water closet to enjoy a bathroom straight from the pages of Architectural Digest.